Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back in the Studio!

We have finally finished our addition on our house which included an art studio space for me. The two images are views of the studio. I actually have a dry area for computer graphic work, reading, researching, sketching and assembling my jewelry. And then I have an area that is more messy for the clay work, oil pastels, pastels, printing, baking and sanding. Because I'm a printer using water based inks I even have a "shower-like" area that I use to hose off my inks to get the screen ready for the next print.
I'm so excited to finally be moved in, organized and getting back to work. With the year's construction pushing me into the basement and then over two months during final construction without a space to call my own - that was just too long!

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Edna said...

NIce space! We would love to see the messy part=)