Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tiffany Stained Glass inspiration...

I have always loved Louis Comfort Tiffany and his amazing glass work This summer I was able to see an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that showcased some of his work along with many other Art Deco artists. So that got me on a reading kick in my odd spare moments. I finally got around to taking one of my images of an iris from my own garden here at the river house and using it as a starting point for a 'stained glass' cane.

Building it was challenging, reducing it was tiring, cutting into it once it was reduced to the first size I wanted was frightening... but then I did a dance of joy around the studio. I'm so happy - now I need to finish reducing the rest and see what I can make of it!!! The first image is the original iris photograph and the clay image shows the cane before it was reduced and after at about 2"x2".

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Iris said...

Looks Great! i've added this link to my own blog
and to our flickr millefiori group!

Thank you and keep on creating this wonderful art!!!