Monday, August 13, 2007

At the Booth.

The show was fun - the two images are of my booth set up and a close up of one of the tables full of jewelry! The setup went very smoothly with the tent going up, tables getting placed and all the jewelry set out. At a few points the my booth was like a small summer gathering of friends that I hadn't seen since we finished teaching in June. I also met many really nice folks. It was an interesting conversation with some people talking about how different making jewelry and tscreenprinting is. But as I spoke about the differences I also mentioned many of the color and technique overlaps! With this show finished and things packed away I'm back in the studio and planning on joining the group again for their Open House in November. The Troy Shirt Factory artists use the weekend after Thanksgiving to become the 'anti-mall' as artists open their studios and line the hallways of the building with beautiful hand crafted works of art. So mark it on your calendar, it's set on mine and now I have work to do!!!

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