Sunday, February 17, 2008

Next Project...

Everything is set for the class tomorrow - including the freezing rain and terrible weather, sigh! Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon it will all be rain and it will be a wonderful chance to work with some interesting people in the bead shop.
In the meantime I have another project in the works. I recently visited Montreal, Quebec and found a beautiful silk shirt with a gorgeous leaf, brush pattern on the fabric. Now it's home in my closet courtesy of a wonderful mother-in-law, because when she saw that I wasn't going to buy it - she purchased it for me as a 'just because' gift!!!
Take a look at the fabric in the first picture!!! Such beautiful earth tones to play with. And then the second picture is an image of my studio with the work in progress - my muse is back and I had such fun mixing colors to match and coming up with beads and a scheme. The beads are currently curing and some are drying from being sanded. I'll finish the necklace and earrings tomorrow after my class and post up the images. I'm hoping that this will be part of my outfit for the NPCG Synergy Conference Gala dinner.

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