Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Off to Synergy!

I'm about to finish packing everything to be ready to leave for Baltimore and the National Polymer Clay Guild's Synergy Conference. It's exciting to think about all the amazing polymer work that will be on display in the gallery and I can't wait to sit down for each of the seminars that I've signed up for.
Most of my jewelry pieces are packed for the gallery display as well as this necklace that I'm donating to the NPCG silent auction. Quite a ways back I tried my first cane from my own drawing and this iris was the result. From that cane came beads and from those beads came this necklace this week!
My muse has been back in full force in the studio and tomorrow we'll be driving our way to Baltimore for some more inspiration.

Keep the cheer!



Sara, it is my pleasure have you accompany me and the other girls back to the hotel. It was fun.

Lisa said...

Hope you had a real blast at the conference!! It has been great to finally meet you at the bead shop for the Lace Cane class. I truly cant wait to hear more about the things you learned!!!