Sunday, October 26, 2014

Step by step.

  This is a quick collage of a work in progress. Working from one of my photographs of an iris that bloomed this spring in my garden I sketched out the potential shape of the pendant and thought through some of the ideas for shaping the copper and how to finish the pendant insert.

  The copper fold form pendant was successful in size, shape and patina. As was the polymer that I molded and fired to build the pendant shape. However I'm unhappy with the color on the surface of the polymer and may sand it back to the white molded shape and begin again.

  I've pulled the wool needed to felt the final layer in the pendant. The wool will also be blended and felted to create several small beads to use in the freeform necklace. I was also happy to look through my bead stash and find several lampwork beads that will work beautifully in the color scheme I have in mind.

  We'll see where this takes me! Once the polymer suface color is set it's on to beading!!!

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